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Who We Are

GFWC Billings Junior Woman's Club has been volunteering in the Billings Community since 1933.

Advocates for Children Committee

The Advocates for Children Committee met Monday, November 27th at Florence's home to prepare hygiene products and other items to tie on the Youth Services Center Christmas tree.

Advocates Meet at the Youth Services Center

Fun day Saturday, Dec. 2 at the Youth Services Center.  Seven club member quickly decorated the tree with hygiene products and some other fun goodies.  We then met with nine youth residents for hot chocolate, goodies and a bit of visiting.  We had a great morning and hope the youth did also.  They were very appreciative. 

Our Membership Committee at Work!

Our Membership Committee has four jobs. They are to retain, recruit, mentor and recognize club members. The committee works hard all year, even in the summer. They provide a variety of events such as cake decorating, bunco, attending luncheons, and much more!

Our club does not have meetings in the summer, but has Summer University. This is a series of classes, activities, or events scheduled during the summer.

Watch for a Summer University Brochure at the April Meeting!

Living the Volunteer Spirit

Direct action at the local level. 

Our primary purpose is to make a positive impact within our community. We are committed to volunteer service, personal growth, and development.

To find out more follow us on Facebook, email us, contact us below or join our organization to make a difference in your local community!

GFWC Billings Junior Woman's Club History

GFWC Billings Junior Woman's Club GFWC Billings Junior Woman's Club was organized February 11, 1933. BJWC joined GFWC MT in 1934 and the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC)  in 1935.

FYI - Local realtor Don Floberg's stepson designed and built the playground at The Children's Receiving Home (Pooh's Too!) for his Eagle Scout project.The design included curved sidewalks because he thought children would enjoy that more than just a straight walkway.​He painted the playground equipment in red, white, and blue to celebrate our country's 200th birthday in 1976.

GFWC Billings
Junior Club
Children's Foundation

GFWC Billings Junior Woman's Club was incorporated under the laws of the State of Montana on October 1, 1958 ​Section 501 (c) 4 of the IRS Code​ Updated May, 2022

GFWC Billings Junior Woman's Club Children's Foundation was incorporated under the laws of the State of Montana on​February 28, 1974, exclusively charitable as defined by Section 501 (c)3 of the IRS code ​Currently being reviewed for updates.​​

Club members fill out both of the Donor forms. Send one signed form to the donor and send one signed form to:

BJWC Treasurer, Karin Green @ GFWC Billings Woman's Club, P.O. Box 20234, Billings, MT 59104 

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